Terms of Service

Effective Date: 01. January 2021

This Terms of Service applies to the mobile app Naxper and associated websites. Both together are referred to as “Services”.

  • 1. General provisions and Scope

    1.1   We‬ provides the ‪Services for use exclusively by consumers.

    1.2   The Services can only be used in the currently valid version.

    1.3   We are entitled to interrupt the operation of the Services without prior notice if there are urgent technical reasons or because of necessary maintenance works.

    1.4   The ‪Services are solely intended for the entertainment purposes. It is prohibited to use them for the purpose of making a gainful profit.

    1.5   In order to use the Services the user must be registered

    1.6   Minors are only permitted to use the ‪Services if the relevant legal guardian has consented and if the user has attained the minimum age indicated in the relevant age rating.

    1.7   During the registration process the user is required to enter certain data such as hero name and email address. The hero name may not infringe any third-party rights or any relevant legal regulations nor may it offend public decency. The user is expressly responsible in this respect. The information provided by the user when registering must be fully truthful and complete.

    1.8   The account may not be transferred or made available to other parties without the consent‬.

    1.9   There is no entitlement to registration or activation.

  • 2. Duties of the users

    2.1   The user is obliged to keep his account information secret. The disclosure of account information to third parties is strictly prohibited. We will never ask for passwords.

    2.2   In the event that the user has any reason to suspect that a third party has or could have gained unauthorised use of this data, he must promptly inform ‪us‬ and change his data‬.

    2.3   Creating more than one account is prohibited and may result in permanent banning of all accounts of the user.

    2.4   The user is duty bound to desist from anything that could jeopardise or interfere with the Services and he may not access data which he is not entitled to access. Exploiting bugs is strictly prohibited and may result in permanent exclusion.

    2.5   The user has no entitlement to the publication of contents within the ambit of the ‪Services.

    2.6   It is not allowed to buy or sell virtual items originating from the Services from third parties for real means of payment.

    2.7   All forms of commercial use of the software are prohibited. Any modification of the client software or the retranslation of the supplied program code into other code forms (decompilation) as well as any other forms of reverse engineering of the various software production phases are prohibited.

    2.8   It is not permissible to use private servers, i.e. servers held by users or third parties.

  • 3. Regulations for the content of the users

    3.1   The User is prohibited from publishing or distributing any content (e.g. links, names, texts) within the Services if it contains the following:

       - It violates the applicable law.

       - It is obscene, racist, glorifies violence, pornographic.

       - Violated the rights of third parties.

       - It contains the personal data of third parties or yourself.

       - It has a commercial nature.

    3.2   The user is obliged to choose appropriate wording and not to disseminate any political or religious content or content with sexual references.

    3.3   We does not claim any ownership to the content provided by users. The user nevertheless grants ‪us the permanent, irrevocable and non-exclusive right to use the content and contributions made by him within the ambit of the Services. In the event of reports, we will respond immediately and, if necessary, edit or delete the reported content.

  • 4. Consequences for disregard

    4.1   We‬ may undertake one or more of the following actions if there are actual circumstances that genuinely indicate that a user has violated these Terms of Service:

       - Delete the relevant content.

       - Issue a warning to the user concerned.

       - Temporarily block the account.

       - Exclude the user permanently.

    4.2   Once a user has been excluded, he may not register a new user account without the prior consent‬.

  • 5. Contact information

    If you have questions or concerns regarding these Terms of Service, please feel free to contact us.

    Email: terms@naxper.com

    Support: Open